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Welcome to the Declaw Hall of Shame.


The Declaw Hall of Shame publishes the names of veterinarians and animal hospitals as well as other individuals and organizations that practice, promote, and perpetuate the cruel and needless practice of digital amputation, popularly and euphemistically known as declawing


Far too many vets declaw.  Please boycott the veterinarians and clinics listed on this site and all others who perform this procedure, which is illegal or considered unethical in most of the countries of the world (see FAQs).  Contact them and let them know that their behavior is inhumane and unacceptable.  We encourage comments, contributions, suggestions, and corrections. Click on the Contact Us button above to send e-mail.



 Dr. Paul LeCompte & The Laser Pushers

Scalpel, laser, or clippers ... an amputation is an amputation


Paul LeCompte DVM of Kings Veterinary Hospital in Loveland, OH


Here is another arrogant vet who thinks he is smarter than the scientific evidence on laser declawing. Dr. LeCompte

wrote the following in the Cincinnati Veterinary Techncians Association Newletter (September 2008): "Laser technology

offers distinct advantages over conventional declawing techniques.... Seeing a kitten ... normal and often playing the day after the laser declawing

is more convincing than any double-blinded, Koch-postulate confirming study. (DHOS translation, 'I, Dr. LeCompte, know better than those 

pesky scientific studies').  I encourage any vet that performs declaws and is not using lasers, to strongly consider this technology. I also invite

any person that remains skeptical about the claims I have made in this article, to visit our hospital and follow a declawing case from admittance to



Not so fast, Dr. Lecompte. Your statements are not supported by clinical studies.  The American Veterinary Medical Association

states in its Animal Welfare Policy Statements: "Although anecdotal reports claim that postoperative pain level and the recovery

period are improved by use of a laser, the clinically observed effect was minimal" when comparing cats that underwent scalpel

onychectomy (declawing) on one paw and laser onychectomy on the other paw.





DHOS note:  Here at the Declaw Hall of Shame, we are disgusted by the claims that using a laser to declaw a cat somehow makes the procedure more acceptable -- or "Guilt Free," as declaw pimp, Dr. Ernest Slovon at Owings Mills Animal and Bird Hospital would have you believe.  Although lasers can be used instead of a scalpel to perform declaw surgery, it is still an amputation that can cripple a cat. A study reported in the September 1, 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Association by Mison, et al., found that lasers offered no benefit over the more conventional methods of declawing.  The authors stated, "differences in discomfort and complications between groups treated via scalpel versus CO2 laser were not clinically relevant."  In another study, Levy and others (1999) found that complications (bleeding, limping, swelling, infection) were generally worse in the laser onychectomy group, compared to blade onychectomy in the first 2 days after surgery. A 2007 JAVMA article by Robinson, et al., claimed that laser declawed cats declawed cats can place more weight on their feet initially, but there were no significant changes after two days.  The same article casually states that one of the laser declawed cats died of anesthetic complications in their experiment.



Banfield Pet Hopitals &

PetSmart Stores


Banfield, which has over 550 vet clinics across the US, promotes declawing by including declaw surgery as a benefit in its Optimum Wellness Plan for kittens.   Banfield operates clinics in 60% of PetSmart stores.  Since PetSmart has a 31% equity interest in Medical Mangement International, the corporation that owns Banfield, PetSmart profits from everything that Banfield does. 


Please let PetSmart (storehelp@petsmart.com) and Banfield (owp@banfield.net) know that you disapprove their support of kitten declawing by allowing Banfield to promote it in their stores.  If PetSmart realizes that Banfield's decision will reflect poorly on them, PetSmart may persuade Banfield to eliminate this barbaric practice from their Wellness Plan.


Readers' Mail




Dear people at declawing Hall of Shame, I'm just writing to tell you that we here in UK have just set up a website called The Claws Connection, at http://clawsforever.ning.com/ and there is a rapidly-growing petition at http://www.petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=4312 with approaching 900 signatures to date, with the greatest majority coming from American people. I thought you might like to be informed of the campaign we are waging over here, with the very same aims as your own, ie to fight to obtain a complete ban on the declawing of cats throughout the United States.  I would be extremely grateful if you could kindly refer any or all sympathetic parties to our petition website and ask them to add their vital signatures to the Cause. We are doing everything we can over here to raise awareness of what is happening in the US on a daily basis, and to contact politicians and newspapers and anyone with any influence at all to help our voices be heard.  If you could help us by supplying any important email addresses of influential people whom we might contact for support, I would be most grateful. Yours very sincerely, Mrs Jenny Dixon


LOVE your website. Thank you for trying to stop declawing!!!!!!  I work as a veterinary assistant at an animal hospital that does practice/promote declaw, they supersize/supersell it. When people call that say... You want a declaw with that neuter?? It's horrible, like having to just sit by and watch a brutal beating going on and not being able to do anything about it. I am about to quit this animal hospital because of it's businness practice. I am looking for another hospital that does not declaw.


I like your site, I am a cat lover.


I really appreciate what you are doing and will add this to our well read message board (www.manhattanbirdclub.com). I hope you will one day to the same for wing clipping and vets who encourage people to mutilate their birds and cut their wings so they cannot fly.


Hello, I am a veterinarian in the state of Washington.  I found your hate mail section to be the most humorous thing I have come across in a while.  Although it doesn’t surprise me, but  I am again shocked that these veterinarians say such horrible things, and then wonder why they are considered mean.  I have never and will never do declaws, tail docking (unless medically indicated/broken etc), ear cropping, debarking and the like because they are not only unnecessary but painful. Keep it up, the public should know more about the pain and risks of declawing.  Dr. Brad Evergreen (www.evergreenholisticvet.com)


Hi, I am listed on your website as a vet who does declaws, and that info is out of date.  I no longer work in Salem, OR and will NEVER do another declaw.  Even when I did work there I only did two declaw procedures (the only two of my 10 year career).  I would appreciate having my name removed from your website as I will never do another declaw.  I myself at one  point a few years ago had 6 adult indoor cats, none of which were declawed.  They were all easily trained to use the large scratching posts and my furniture and carpet were intact.  The clinic I work at now advocates and places Soft Paws for clients rather than declawing.  We also trim nails frequently for kitty clients.

Thanks for your understanding,    Dr. C E, DVM    Portland, OR


Thanks so much for making this website. It's nice to know that there are people in this world that actually understand that torturing animals is horrific. Keep up the excellent work.

I have to say I love you people for this site! I have 2 of my own cats, and the person I live with has 5, and I do not have an issue with my cats scratching up furniture, because I have scratch boxes, and a spray and as for scratching? ...it comes with the territory!!! But It rarely ever happens. I read your hate mail, and I laughed through most of it. They make sticky strips for furniture and the spray works! Its inexpensive and is WONDERFUL! or get the tips that you can put on to their claws if you have such a problem with it.  With 7 cats in one house, I don't have a problem, and these people with one cat feel they need to declaw? Unreal!


Wow, I had no idea that my vet declawed! Its no wonder that they looked at me funny when my husband and myself went in for an appointment with our cat and I was SOOO angry about one of our neighbors (I was telling them the story and very upset about the whole thing), they had completely declawed their cat and their cat is an OUTDOOR cat! I'm a MD/PHD student and the time I spend at home, I spend listening for cats outside and CONSTANTLY "SAVE" this cat from other cats that have their claws. It's the WORST thing they could have done! It's bad enough to actually mutilate your cat, it's another, kicking him outside completely defenseless!
Thanks for your site!


One of Dr. Peter Balasky's (Balasky Animal Hospital, Davie, FL) clients recently applied to adopted two kittens from a rescue group that I volunteer for after her beloved previous cat had died. This was her answer to my question, "Do you plan to declaw your cat?": 
"My previous cat was declawed.  When I told Dr. Balasky that this time around I would not declaw as I heard it was cruel, he told me that was ridiculous and it was not cruel."
 This is a person who cared for her previous cat into extreme old age and infirmity, taught it to do to tricks, and said without being prompted that she wanted to learn to brush her new cats' teeth so they would not suffer the dental disease her previous cat did.  And yet this caring and dedicated cat keeper is being ENCOURAGED to declaw her not-yet-acquired, hypothetical new cats by Pimp Balasky.  God forbid he miss a chance to make a sale... cha-ching. Feel free to post any portion of this email on your site.


Keep fighting the good fight!!!


I hate the idea of going to a vet who treats but at the same time mutilates. I'm happy there are people like you who truly care about animals and don't think of them as just lifeless toys that can be cut up. Hopefully, someday soon, declawing and all inhumane treatment of animals will be illegal. Thank you.


Thank you again, Leo, for confirming yet again that another vet should be smacked.  But this time you chose one (Dr. Laurel Leach) that I would really like to strangle with my bare hands.  Last year she and her staff were supposed to be treating a kitten of ours for a very mild urinary tract infection, but she insisted that the 6 week old kitten be given a full round of vaccinations, deworming, and the whole nine yard$$$$.  Needless to say the kitten almost died from a vaccine reaction, and she and her staff, deny any wrongdoing. Our volunteers have chosen to see another vet, gather records, and have vets write letters to the veterinary board recommending an investigation of these DVMs.  I suggest that the veterinary board be made well aware of the serval's illegal declaw.  They will do more than the LA DA's office.


I believe this site serves a purpose...EDUCATION.


Hey there, just found your site.  Great job.  Keep up the good work.  :)


Keep up the good work.


Great website that you have


Thank you! I have 2 rescued cats that were declawed before I got them. Know why they were sent to the shelter?.. because they cant use the litter pan. Know why? Because they were butchered and had their nails taken out and their paws are so sensitive they cant use a litter box. Try scraping litter with your finger tips chopped off! Our solution was.. puppy training pads! they use it like a litter box.
Thank you for spreading the word.


Hello, I recently consulted a vet about declawing my dear cat who has been scratching on my brand new furniture.  The vet left me feeling confident that she would be ok and that a lot of people get their cat declawed.  But I held off and wanted to do my own research  While I was web browsing I came across your website.  After reading the horror stories and crying my eyes out, I picked up my beautiful cat and just cried and apologized for even thinking I could put her through it.  Thank you so much, for your website.  It made me realize I could've made a terrible mistake.  My cat is my WORLD, she is family and I just can't even think of a terrible outcome of the surgery. Your website really makes a difference and I hope everyone else does their research before declawing their pet.  I am now the owner of Soft Paws and so far so good.


I just wanted to thank you for educating people, and encourage you to keep up the good work!


I'm from the UK. Most people in this country do not understand why so many Americans feel the need to de-claw cats. It's like cutting their fingers off! We regard it as barbaric, and vets here will not perform the proceedure.  I have heard it said that it's done to prevent furniture scratching. Why have a cat if your furniture is so important? Cats are sentient beings. They feel pain and distress. Furniture doesn't.  Why isn't there some major campaign in the US against this cruel and unnecessary practise. It should be outlawed across all states. Hateful practise!


I just happened across your Web Site and was appalled to see Cat Declawing. I had up to this point never heard of it being done (DHOS note: the writer is from Australia). I certainly hope it is not done in Australia and never does.  It was heart wrenching to see the photos of Declawing Mistakes.  Great Web Site, has my full support.

Me and Mikey just wanted to say "thank you" for educating us on declawing. "Me" being a new cat owner thought declawing was something like a neuter that was "just done." Mikey is my 9 year old daughter's cat. When we looked up about declawing I was horrified. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for educating the public.


Your site is great. The hate-mails speak volumes...it's only the perpetrator's who hate the truth "exposed."  You made my day.  Thank you for your work and efforts.


Thanks for the website.  Those vets are a disgrace to the wonderful ones.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  I appreciate what you are doing and all your help!


I agree with everything you're saying!!  I have two very happy DSH black cats with claws!


My boyfriend's cats are declawed, and I had considered having my wonderful, rescued Bombay mutilated so they would all get along. 

No and hell no!  Your website reminded me why I am against declawing.  Thank you.   PS: The cats get along just fine!


Thank you for you site! My 5 month old kitten is going to be fixed this week and was going to be declawed as well. I have struggled with this decision, but some of my friends thought it was a good idea. After doing some more research and reading the posts here on this web page she will NOT be declawed!!


I love your site!


10 claws up!!


I think it's just awful how some organizations promote the barbaric operation of amputating a poor cats toes. I have never seen the need to declaw any of my cats and it's too bad that this practice just isn't outlawed. If you can't deal with a cats claws, then just don't have a cat.


Thank God for you.  I love your website!  Very cool!  I'm telling others about you.


LOVED your website!


I think your website is great!  I wish that more people read it!  Clearly people still don't get it....

I am very grateful to see your web-site, although the images of the "very bad declaw" really got to me.  If only those photos could be posted at the Receptionist's Desk in every Vet's office...


Hello!  Thank you for a great website!!! 


Thank you for fighting for the "innocents".
I love this....who are you?  :)
The site looks really good!  I love the Pimp of the Month feature.
Rock On!!!  I hadn't read that before.  I will keep watch and DNA (Do Not Adopt) any potential adoptive family that uses one of the vets on your Hall of Shame list.  How's that?
Hi, Thank you so much for your efforts to make declawing illegal.
I LOVE this!
The site looks great!  I read the front page article about Val the Idiot Fenstermaker (former Pimp-of-the-Month).  How sad that she has nothing better to do than try to continue the mutilation of cats!
Thanks for the update!  They should be so ashamed.  I'll keep you updated about what happens here also as we a watching this situation very closely.
You bastard!  My lawyers will be contacting you!

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