Readers on this website have asked for additional information regarding declawing. 

The following are responses to some of those questions.


Q:  You claim that declawing is illegal or considered unethical by the veterinary

profession in other countries.  Which countries are those?


A:  Here is a list of countries of countries and organizations that we have gathered. 

We welcome verifiable additons.


Section 8: Prohibited Practices
Article 22.
2. It is also forbidden:
g. to cut off the claws of cats and other felines, to clip or prick the ears of dogs,

to remove the vocal organs or employ other methods to prevent animals from

giving tongue or reacting to pain in another audible manner;



§ 7. (1) Interventions carried out for other than therapeutic or diagnostic

purposes or for the expert marking of animals in accordance with legal regulations

applicable, are prohibited, in particular
5. declawing and defanging,



Article 6
(1) The amputation of all or part of parts of the body or the removal or destruction

of all or parts of organs or tissues of a vertebrate shall be prohibited. This

prohibition shall not apply if:
1. the operation in the specific case
a) is necessary according to veterinary indication...


Surgical procedures etc.
Section 10
(1) Animals must not be subjected to surgical procedures or given injections

except where they are necessary for veterinary medical reasons.


Procedures prohibited for the purpose of protecting animals
Article 4
(2) It is prohibited to:
17. cut off sensitive parts of the body of live animals,

Interventions on animals
Article 8
(1) The partial or total amputation of a sensitive part of the body of an

animal shall be prohibited, including:
1. the marking of animals contrary to the provisions of special regulations,
2. ear cropping and tail docking in dogs, declawing of cats, devocalisation

and other interventions aimed at changing the phenotypic appearance of

the animal.
(2) By way of derogation from the provision of paragraph 1 of this Article,

the partial or total amputation or removal of a sensitive part of the body

of an animal shall be permitted if performed with prior anaesthesia and

post-operative analgesia and if an intervention:
1. is justified for animal health reasons,


Part V
Surgical Operations on Animals
Surgical operations.
9. (1) Surgical operations for the purpose of modifying the appearance of

an animal by which any part of the animal’s body is removed or damaged,

other than for a curative purpose, shall be illegal.


Council of Europe
Article 10 – Surgical operations
1. Surgical operations for the purpose of modifying the appearance of a

pet animal or for other non-curative purposes shall be prohibited and,

in particular:
a. the docking of tails;
b. the cropping of ears;
c. devocalisation;
d. declawing and defanging;
The signatories to this convention as of 1/9/2006 were:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland,

France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal,

Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey



World Smal Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

There are also a number of national vet associations that are signatories

to the WSAVA Conventions.  In those countries it could be said that the vet

find declawing, as it is performed in the US, unethical.
Section 10
Non-therapeutic surgical operations on companion animals
i) Surgical operations for the purpose of modifying the appearance of a

companion animal for non-therapeutic purposes should be actively discouraged.
ii) Where possible legislation should be enacted to prohibit the performance

of non-therapeutic surgical procedures for purely cosmetic purposes, in particular;
a. Docking of tails;
b. Cropping of ears;
c. Devocalisation;
d. Declawing and defanging.
iii) Exceptions to these prohibitions should be permitted only:
a. If a veterinarian considers that the particular surgical procedure is necessary,

either for veterinary medical reasons or where euthanasia is the only alternative....


These are the signatory organizations:
Bosnia Herzegovina
British Columbia
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
AVEACA Asociación de Veterinarios Especialistas en Animales de

    Compañía de Argentina
AVA Australian Veterinary Association
VOEK Vereinigung Oesterreichischer Kleintiermadiziner (AUSTRIA)
SAVAB Small Animal Veterinary Association Belgium
BHSAVA Bosnia-Herzegovina Small Animal Veterinary Association
BCVMA British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association
AVEPA Asociación de Veterinarios Españoles Especialistas en

    Pequeños Animales (SPAIN)

CSAVS Croatian Small Animal Veterinary Section

CSAVA Czech Small Animal Veterinary Association
DSAVA Danish Small Animal Veterinary Association
ESAVA Estonian Small Animal Veterinary Association
FAVP Finnish Association of Veterinary Practitioners
HVMS Hellenic Veterinary Multinational Society (GREECE)
HKVA Hong Kong Veterinary Association
HSAVA Hungarian Small Animal Veterinary Association
VICAS Veterinary Ireland Companion Animal Society
ICAVA Israel Companion Animal Veterinary Association
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
AIVPA Associazione Italiana Veterinari Piccoli Animali
SCIVAC Società Culturale Italiana Veterinari per Animali

    da Compagnia
JSAVA Japanese Small Animal Veterinary Association
LSAVA Lithuanian Small Animal Veterinary Association
SAPAM  Small Animal Practitioners Association Malaysia,

    now Malaysia Small Animal Veterinary Association (MSAVA)
AMMVEPE Asociación Mexicana de Médicos Veterinarios Especialistas

    en Pequeñas Especies
NACAM Netherlands Association for Companion Animal Medicine
NZVA CAS New Zealand Veterinary Association - Companion Animal Society
NSAVA Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association
PSAVA Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association
SAVA South African Veterinary Association
AVEPA Asociación de Veterinarios Españoles Especialistas en

    Pequeños Animales (SPAIN)
TVMA Taipei Veterinary Medical Association
BSAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association
SUVEPA La Sociedad Uruguaya de Veterinarios Especialistas en

    Pequeños Animales
IVENTA International Veterinary Ear Nose and Throat Association 



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