CITY COUNCILMEMBER JOHN DURAN AND THE CITY OF WEST HOLLYWOOD passed the first local ordinance in the United States to ban declawing.  The law was sponsored by volunteers from the Paw Project and other animal advocacy groups. The international media attention over this law educated many people about the morality and risks of declawing and forced veterinary organizations to change their policies and guidelines.


MICHAEL FOX, DSc, PhD, BVetMed wrote in the February 15, 2006 edition of the Journal of the American Veterinary Association, "...the ethics of performing (declawing) as a routine practice to the extent that almost a quarter of the cat population in the United States (14 million) is declawed...surely needs to be examined. This is especially pertinent considering the evidence of the painful nature of this procedure and associated postoperative complications of chronic pain, infection, and suffering. Surely the justifications for performing (declawing) trivialize concern for cats’ welfare and psychologic well-being. Part of being a cat is to have claws. Out of respect for the nature of cats and their basic behavioral requirements in the confined domestic environment, caring and responsible cat owners effectively train their cats to use scratch-posts, scratchboards, and carpeted “condos” rather than resort to routine declawing, which amounts to a mutilation for convenience. As a profession, are (veterinarians) not giving a mixed message to the public in advocating companion animal health and welfare on the one hand and not abandoning such practices that are considered unethical by veterinarians and their clients in many other countries?" 


THE PAW PROJECT is a nonprofit organization founded by veterinarian, Jennifer Conrad, DVM, that is dedicated to ending the practice of declawing through scientific research and education.


COSMIC PET PRODUCTS is a company that is not afraid to have an opinion.  On every Alpine Cat Scratcher (an inclined scratching pad that cats love) is a sticker that says "Don't Declaw."


PAUL KORETZ is a former California legislator from Beverly Hills who is ahead of his time on animal issues.  He introduced a bill in 2003 to ban the declawing of all cats in California. It got a lot of support, but it did not pass.  His 2004 bill banning declawing of big cats was signed into law.


KEN JONES, DVM is a compassionate, and practical, veterinarian in Santa Monica, CA.  He has thirty years experience and has spoken out against declawing.


HAWTHORNE VETERINARY CLINIC in Portland, Oregon refuses to perform declaw, ear cropping, tail docking, debarking, or any other convenience or cosmetic surgery.  There are no exceptions to this longstanding policy.  Clients who inquire into these surgeries are told the procedures are cruel and have a lasting, negative effect on the animals. 


HARRIET BAKER is an author, researcher and tireless activist working for an end to declawing. Her self-published book, The Shocking Truth About Declawing, is available for $23 by writing her at The Cat Catalyst, Inc., 613 Sea Street, Quincy, MA 02169-2811.


GARY LOEWENTHAL is always ready to debate pro-declaw nitwits armed with moral and scientific arguments. Click on his name for his excellent article, Why Cats Need Claws.


DR. NICHOLAS DODMAN is a professor of veterinary medicine, specializing in animal behavior, at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. He is an outspoken critic of declawing.


FRANNY SYUFY has a website that gives great cat advice about cat care...and she hates declawing, bless her!















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