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Hi, Great website! I want to share a declaw horror story. I own a pet supply retail store in Florida and offer rescue & adoption assistance to nonprofit groups and good Samaritans in the community. Last week, I assisted with a cat who was found lying listlessly on the side of a busy highway. Upon spotting her, a good Samaritan pulled over assuming the cat had been hit by a car. The poor cat just barely lifted her head to greet her rescuer. Meowing piteously and seeming unable to walk, she was obviously in great distress. When her rescuer picked her up, he noticed that her legs, chest and face were covered in blood . He rushed her to a nearby shelter and, after careful examination, the shelter veterinarian announced that the cat was in perfect health expect that she had recently been declawed. Wel never know the whole story but it seems this poor mutilated creature was so emotionally & physically wounded that she attempted to run away from the trauma and ended up so disoriented and anguished that she just collapsed. The good news is that she was treated for shock and a life-threatening infection and is now on her way to recovery and eventual adoption.

All attempts to locate an owner or the veterinarian who performed the declaw surgery have failed. In her honor, I thought posting her story
here might help save other cats from the horrors of this heartless surgery. Thank you for all you do!






I had my kitten declawed at the same time she was spayed.  I have to admit I will never do it again to any kitty that I own.  The poor thing growls and hisses at all the other cats, she bites when they try and play with her and she also bites me.  I really think having her declawed caused her to have some real issues with defending herself.






I have a friend whose vet talked her into (?!) having her cat completely declawed. She regretted it immediately, but it was too late. She also had a dog, who though friendly to the cat was so much bigger that the cat was always afraid. To avoid encounters with the dog, Sassy developed a pattern of never walking on the floor. She would only walk around the perimeter of a room via the furniture. She also became extremely skittish and unfriendly (wonder why!). It was only after the dog died that she would walk across a room on the floor.


My mother adopted a declawed cat from a friend who was going into hospice. Kittikins is so afraid of Tammy and Wheezy (rescue cats with all their claws) that she will only come down from her perch to eat or use the catbox if they are shut out of the room. She regards their every movement as an act of aggression, even when they are behaving in a normal "getting to know you" cat fashion. This has gone on for months. Anyone who doesn't believe in the psychological damage inflicted by declawing as well as the physical barbarism involved has either never known a declawed cat, or is willfully delusional.






I adopted a young DSH male who needed a home. He was super affectionate and very friendly. He followed me around the house, slept with me, sat in my lap while I watched TV and wanted to spend all his time with me. Well, I declawed him when he was altered at about 6 or 7 months. He never got over it. He seems to have some sort of nerve problem in one of his front paws in one or more toes. I can tell he hurts. His whole personality has changed! He no longer follows me around and only sleeps with me on a limited basis. He went from being a wonderful pet to simply "being here" without much interaction anymore and all in the past year since his declawing. It was almost instant change! I feel so guilty for having done this to him.






I am so disturbed after reading your website and so sad that my cat is declawed.  I had no idea about the permanent problems this could cause her and so regret this decision.  I recently asked my vet why my 3 yr old Maine Coon, female, Lulu walks with a swagger. She swings her back left leg a bit. Thank you so very much and if I ever get a another cat, the claws STAY!






I am a Chinese cat lover.  Not until I came to Canada did I realize how popular declaw is here.  Even I told people how cruel this is, they wouldn't believe me.  They take it for granted it won't hurt the cat.  I hate this.  It's not difficult to imagine the feeling of chopping down part of your finger, how come people don't understand?  I am wondering if we can do anything to make this illegal.  So that I don't have to spend time persuading people not to do it. Some thought to share with you.  I am happy to read your article on the internet.  I hope some people can give up declawing their cat by reading it.





We got a cat today named Katrina.  She is two and a half years old; a very beautiful muted tortoiseshell.  She was declawed at six months after her owner adopted her from an Animal Shelter in Burbank.  I asked the woman why she declawed her cat, and she said so it wouldn't scratch her kids.  Her other reason for declawing was so they wouldn't scratch the furniture.  Her reason for giving up the cat was because Katrina has been trying to bite the girls, which started after she was declawed.  I was told that her ex-husband told her to get rid of the cat or else he'd take the kids back.


I was able to handle Katrina today, she seems really scared, but she permitted me and another volunteer to pet her and take her in and out of her carrier.  Declawing certainly didn't solve any problems, because Katrina just substituted her teeth for her claws when she felt she needed to, which led to her being given up anyway.






I had my male cat, Tiny Tim, declawed this Tuesday morning.  I was supposed to pick him up on Wednesday but they called and wanted to keep him another day because he was still bleeding.  Early this morning I received a message from the vet saying that I needed to call her right away because they still could not stop the bleeding in one of his paws.  Today we rushed him up to another animal hospital at the Vet's recommendation.  I asked if he had a better chance to live and she immediately said yes.  They still cannot control the bleeding.  He received a blood transfusion today and they re-packed his paw three times today and re-sutured it.  He later had no brain activity and died. The reason I'm writing is because I've never heard of a cat dying from a declaw.  I just can't chalk this up to one of those things.






We have one male cat with his claws that we had from his kittenhood and another female cat that had already been declawed when we rescued her.  They are both Maine Coons.  Unfortunately I think that declawing has given her some psychological issues that go beyond the physical issues.  She hates to be held and has had anxiety type attacks that I believe come from insecurities she now has because of the loss of her defenses.  I can't help but think that had she not been declawed her personality would have been more complete.  I feel sorry for her and truly wish I could give them back to her! 






Today a sweet little red MC-mix lost his life due to a massive infection throughout his body. He was less than 6 months old, and all four feet had been declawed including the dew claws. The vet found open wounds on his paws.  The infection was throughout his body (septic), so it was too late by the time he was brought to us.   I am so angry about his suffering and needless death.


This poor little cat was found near death in a ditch, so we have no way of knowing who the owner or the vet responsible is.

















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