The List of Shame


The names listed below were submitted to Declaw Hall of Shame by readers of this website as veterinarians who perform declaw surgery or work at veterinary clinics where declawing is performed. The names of the hospitals or clinics are listed also. 


Declaw Hall of Shame suggests that you do not use vets who perform declaw surgery...and asks that you tell them why you are seeking pet care elsewhere. 


A list of veterinarians who do not declaw can be found at (DHOS has no affiliation with and does not recommend specific vets).  The names of List of Shame vets will be removed from this website if they stop performing non-therapeutic declaw surgery, and if they remove all material promoting or depicting declaw surgery on their websites.  The Declaw Hall of Shame attempts to verify all reports, but will remedy any incorrect or outdated information in a timely manner.  Please contact


The colors of the names and clinic indicate the following DHOS ranking:


BONA FIDE PIMPS - Reportedly do one or more of the following:

          Promote declawing in a particularly outrageous manner, give incorrect or

          incomplete information about declawing and its risks, or describe their favored

          method of declawing as more humane than other methods. Give no credible discussion

          of risks and alternatives as in, for example, the AVMA position on declawing. Serve to

          popularize or trivialize declawing by serving as shills or spokespersons, e.g. for a

          laser manufacturer.
DECLAW PUSHERS - Reportedly do one or more of the following:

          Actively promote declawing, treat declawing as a routine procedure, avoid

          fully discussing or minimize the risks of declawing. Offer no honest discussion
          of risks and alternatives.

DISHONORABLE MENTIONS - Reportedly do one or more of the following:

          Advertise or promotes declawing services.  May discuss alternatives but describe

          declawing as a routine or "necessary" procedure.


Buena Pet Clinic - Tucson

Claus, Karen - Tempe
Day, James - Glendale
Duplissis, Marnie - Tempe
Glendale Animal Hospital - Glendale
McClintock Animal Care - Tempe
Pantano Animal Clinic - Tucson

Wight, Tracy - Tempe


Acton, Charles - Laguna Hills

Adobe Animal Hospital - Los Altos

Adobe Pet Hospital - Livermore
Animal Birth Control - Los Angeles

Bacarro, Michelle - Long Beach

Bachman, Ron - Hesperia

Banning Veterinary Hospital - Banning

Becker, Gretchen - Calabasas

Beeder, Kerry - Canoga Park (declawed two African servals in violation of state law)

Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital - Sherman Oaks

Boltz, Rachel - Los Altos

Brooks, Wendy - Mar Vista

Cechner, Paul - Mar Vista

Claremont Veterinary Hospital - Claremont
Clifton*, Nancy - Los Altos

Costuma, Steve - Laguna Hills
Cruz, Bernadine - Laguna Hills

DePerno, Dana - Malibu

Devonshire Animal Hospital - Chatworth
Eshman*, Lisa - Los Altos
Fahmy, Adel - Chatworth
Grant, William - Garden Grove

Grant, WIlliam II - Garden Grove

Graulich, Dean - Malibu
Harnish*, Rachel - Los Altos
Hill, Peter - Los Altos

Innes, William - Westlake Village
Hirschbein, Jena - Hesperia
Imperial Beach Pet Hospital - Imperial Beach

Johnson, Jane - Los Altos

Jones, Cassie - Palos Verdes

Kapty, Michelle - Livermore 
Keegan, Alicia - Livermore

Klingborg, Jon - Fresno
Koga, Jennifer - Los Altos

Kuhne, Heather - Livermore

Laguna Hills Animal Hospital - Laguna Hills
Lavac, Frank - Santa Monica

Leach, Laurie - Sherman Oaks (declawed a African serval in violation of state law)

Lipton, David - Laguna Hills

Long Beach Animal Hospital - Long Beach

Mackey, Marvin - Los Angeles

Malibu Coast Animal Hospital - Malibu

Mar Vista Animal Medical Center - Mar Vista

Maxwell, Brian - Los Altos
McKenzie, Brennen - Los Altos
Mission Park Pet Hospital - Mission Viejo

Moore, Leslie - Mar Vista

Nakamura, Curt - Los Altos

Newell, Lisa - Malibu

Nunez, Mark - Van Nuys
O'Day, Nancy - Los Altos

Osborne, Kim - Imperial Beach
Palazzolo, Carl - Long Beach
Park La Brea Veterinary Care - Los Angeles

Pasternak, Henry - West Los Angeles
Pasternak Veterinary Center - West Los Angeles

Point Vicente Animal Hospital - Palos Verdes

Reichel, Barbara - Laguna Hills

Ridgeway, William - Long Beach

Rogers, Elizabeth - Los Altos
Roos, Dave - Los Altos
Schulman, Alan - West Los Angeles
Schwartz, Martin - Los Angeles

Shandro, Kerry - Los Altos
Smith, Fiona - Laguna Hills

Stannard, Robert - Livermore

Sultzer, Jon - Laguna Hills

Thompson, Tiffany - Mission Viejo
Victor Valley Animal Hospital - Hesperia

Villalobos, Alice - Hermosa Beach and Woodland Hills

Weigand, Eric - Claremont

Westbrook, Mart - Banning

Zarday, Nicolette - Los Altos
Zweiter, Sharon - Los Altos



Church Ranch Veterinary Wellness Center - Westminster

Pei, Eugene - Westminster
Stroberg, George - Westminster



Andersen, Patricia - Groton
Companion Animal Hospital - Groton
Mummert, Earl - Groton
Mummert, Margaret - Groton
Trudeau, Nadine - Groton



Balasky Animal Hospital - Davie

Balasky, Peter - Davie

Bradburn, Michael - Hollywood

Central Broward Animal Hospital - Plantation

Clough, Eric - Hollywood

Dee, James - Hollywood
Dee, Jon - Hollywood
Dee, Larry - Hollywood

Fanning, Kimberly - Hollywood
Frank, Samuel - Sunrise

Herrington, Jim - Hollywood
Hollywood Animal Hospital - Hollywood

Lezcano, Janeen - Plantation

Nine Lives Cat Hospital - Sunrise

Oms, Lara - Plantation

Powers, Thora - Plantation

Schroeder, Sarah - Hollywood

Sessa, Thomas - Hollywood

Wald, Jonathan - Plantation

Bevere, Melanie - Savannah
Case-McCorvey, Carla - Savannah
Case, Jerry - Savannah

Case Veterinary Hospital - Savannah

Dasher, Marnie - Savannah

Foothills Veterinary Clinic - Dawsonville
Habermann, Ray - Dawsonville

Knight, Miranda - Savannah

Witherow, Allison - Savannah



Ashton, Chuck - Ponderay

Buchton, Brian - Ponderay

Lewis, Jerry - Ponderay

Pend Oreille Veterinary Service - Ponderay

Vogel, Bruce - Ponderay



Renard, Steven - Hamilton


Allpet Hospital & Laser Surgery Center -  Fort Wayne
Bartloff, Lorrie - South Bend

Bradley, Sara - Indianapolis
Buzzetti, Anthony - Carmel
Cat Care Clinic - Indianapolis
Cat Doctor - Indianapolis

Clayview Animal Clinic - South Bend
Companion Animal Hospital - Carmel

Ecker, Carol - South Bend

Galbreath, Christopher - Bargersville
Gal, Sandor - Indianapolis
Graves, Mark - Indianapolis

Howell, Tim - Indianapolis

Jackman, Senator Bob - Milroy
Jackman, Rob - Milroy
Jackman's Animal Clinic - Milroy
Johns, Alice - Indianapolis
Johnson, Sheryl - Carmel

Jones, Myra - Indianapolis
Kumaran, Jay -  Fort Wayne
Log Cabin Animal Hospital - Indianapolis
McHenry, Katie - Milroy
Reed, Thomas - Bargersville
Reed Animal Clinic - Bargersville
Zacharias, Shelly - Indianapolis



Gray, Daniel - Dubuque

PetMed Animal Health Center - Dubuque

Riley, Alison - Dubuque



Bock, Curtis - Kansas City
Chastain, Marcia - Kansas City
Clayborn, Errick - Kansas City

Edgar, Emily - Kansas City
Ketzner, Greg - Kansas City
Meyer Veterinary Hospital - Leavenworth

Swanson, James - Kansas City
Swanson, J. J. - Kansas City

Welborn Pet Hospital - Kansas City

Wood Jr, William - Leavenworth



Angevine, Carla - Brockton

Haddad, Melvin - Brockton
North Main Street Veterinary Clinic - Brockton

Rodd, James - Brockton
Sefchuok, Maryanne - Brockton



Feaga, Wendy - Ellicott City

Owings Mills Animal and Bird Hospital - Owings Mills
Slovon, Ernest - Owings Mills



Canton Center Animal Hospital - Canton

Drake, M.M. - Canton
Harr, K.M. - Canton

Parker, John - Novi

Tecumseh Veterinary Hospital - Tecumseh
Tinker, D.L. - Canton
Tritt, Edward - Tecumseh
Tritt, Lorrie - Tecumseh

Vrabel, K.K. - Canton


Chisago Lakes Veterinary Hospital - Lindstrom

Lukasik, Pete - Lindstrom

Piepkorn, Craig - Mound
Piepkorn, Jackie - Mound
Swensen, Meaghan - Lindstrom

Westonka Animal Hospital - Mound



Bedow, Kurt - Webster Groves
Bogasch, Bill - Webster Groves
Bovier, Christine - Webster Groves 

Bradford Park Veterinary Hospital - Springfield
Britt, Ailien - Webster Groves
Caldwell, Ned - Springfield

Deerfield Veterinary Hospital - Springfield

Dietsch, Denise - St. Louis

Domer, Daniel - Webster Groves
Dubbert, Jennifer - Webster Groves
Gaydos, Christine - Webster Groves
Kerckhoff,  Abby - Webster Groves
Love, Andrew - Webster Groves
Love-Beaulieu, Jennifer - Webster Groves
Nack, Bob - Webster Groves
Randazzo, Angela - Webster Groves

Roche, Denise - Springfield

Shelley, Bert - Springfield

Tate, Patrick - Webster Groves
Thomas, Todd - Webster Groves

Webster Groves Animal Hospital - Webster Groves 
Wilson, Georgia - Webster Groves
Zimmermann Balke, Jody - Webster Groves


Cannata, Jennifer - Clifton
DeLucia, Joseph - Clifton
Goggin, Justin - Clifton
Henderson, Bruce - Clifton
Valley Animal Hospital - Clifton



Abri Veterinary Hospital - Winson-Salem
Arnoult, Allison - Morehead City

Bocholis, Charles - Winson-Salem
Casey Hodge***, Jennifer - Cary

Cat Care Veterinary Clinic - Morrisville

Cat Clinic of Cary - Cary

Fox, Joel - Winson-Salem
Harris, David - Winson-Salem
Jennings, Mary - Winson-Salem

Lamburton, Tristin - Cary
McAvoy, Sandra Jean - Winson-Salem

PetDocks Veterinary Hospital - Morehead City

Tice, Carol - Morrisville

Worrell, Todd - Morehead City



North, Richard - Valley City



Abyad, Roselle - Loveland

Cable, Michael - Cincinnati

College Hill Pet Clinic - Cincinnati

Goodman, JM - Loveland

Ketring, Kevin - Cincinnati

Kings Veterinary Hospital - Loveland

LeCompte, Paul - Loveland

Sycamore Animal Hospital - Cincinnati



Abbotsford Animal Hospital - Aurora

Barrydowne Animal Hospital - Sudbury
Cole, Mark - Aurora
DiGenova, Katherine - Mississauga

Harlow, Anne - Sudbury
Hylands, Bob - Brampton

North Town Veterinary Hospital - Brampton

Ripa, Lou - Sudbury

Winston Churchill Animal Hospital - Mississauga



Anderson, Shawnette - Salem

Four Corners Animal Hospital - Salem

Hazen Stephanie - Salem

Koller, Daniel - Portland

The Pet Clinic - Salem

Powell, William - Coos Bay

Wisser, Gary - Salem



Baker Pet Hopital - Clark

Baker, Daniel - Clark

Bartlett, Robert - Columbia

Columbia Animal Hospital - Columbia

Jones, John - Clark

Grable, Nicole - Clark


Godbold, John - Jackson

Stonehaven Park Veterinary Hospital - Jackson
Whitford, Ronald - Clarkesville



All Cats Veterinary Clinic - Houston

August, John - College Station

Callfield Companion Animal Clinic - Wichita Falls

Cantrell, Ken - Dallas 

Claws and Paws Veterinary Hospital - Pearland
Donop, Barrett - Austin

Duncan, Robert - Austin

East Dallas Veterinary Clinic - Dallas

Hurwitz, S. L. - Austin

Martin, Jesica - Dallas

Myers, Sabra - Wichita Falls
Oak Springs Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital - Austin

Raess, Kim - Pearland
Ramsey, Paula - Pearland

Rigoni, Cynthia - Houston
Robinson, Beth - Wichita Falls

Schmidt, Jennifer - Wichita Falls

Stickney, Mark - College Station
Spears, Elisa - Wichita Falls

Spears, James - Wichita Falls

Sultemeier, Kathy - Wichita Falls

Terrel, Roger - Pearland
Vogtsberger, Heidi - Wichita Falls

Wickel, Julie - Pearland


CountrySide Animal Clinic - Sterling

Davidson, Sheryl - Sterling
Denbigh Animal Hospital - Newport News

Hartwick, Rod - Chesapeake

Fisher, Peter - Virginia Beach
Greenbriar Animal Hospital - Fairfax
Huddleston, Thomas - Newport News

McKelvin, Henry - Hampton
McKelvin, Nicole - Hampton

McVey, Debra - Sterling
Mercury Animal Hospital - Hampton

Olson, Candace - Fairfax

Partlow, Jill - Virginia Beach
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital - Virginia Beach

Riley, Kim - Sterling
Wiechmann, Krista - Sterling

Wright, Ken - Sterling



Leroy, Hadden - Waitsfield 
Valley Animal Hospital - Waitsfield

Alderwood Veterinary Clinic - Lynnwood

Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital - Woodinville
Kornmann, Conrad - Woodinville
Mayo, Jeff - Lynnwood
Neary, Susan - Lynnwood
Scher, Lisa - Woodinville
Sherrie, Schnack - Woodinville
Sisson, Sandra - Woodinville
Quindt, Laura - Woodinville
Quindt, Robert - Woodinville


Butler, Wyatt - New Berlin

Hendrickson, Richard - Kenosha
Parkland Plaza Veterinary Clinic - New Berlin

Petereit, Scott - Kenosha
Voss, James - New Berlin

Wolf Merrick Animal Hospital - Kenosha



* NOTE FROM ADOBE ANIMAL HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE: "You have listed several of our doctors who do NOT do declaws: Dr. Lisa Eshman, Dr. Nancy Clifton, and Dr. Rachel Harnish.  The rest of our doctors do not promote declawing and try strongly to discourage it, and will not do it without an appointment with the owner to discuss it.  I have personally talked people out of it by explaining that you cut off the top digit of each toe.  We also charge a lot to do it.  If people still want it done, they will find a way, and I'd rather have it done by a vet who places narcotic patches on their skin the day before, uses local anesthesia before surgery, and uses a method where the surgery is done correctly. I would love for declaws never to be done, and I encourge you to continue your crusade, but please be more truthful about our doctors (of which there are 20). Thank you." 

Hall of Shame response: Thank you. We are glad to hear that, but we believe that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  Adobe Animal Hospital's website does not discourage declawing. The Hall of Shame does not buy the argument that there is a correct way to declaw.  The vets at Adobe who do not declaw are tacitly condoning the practice by working in a clinic that declaws and are, therefore, included on The List.  (However, if they ask to be put on the "no-declaw" list at, the Hall of Shame will drop them from the list). 


*** Dr. Jennifer Casey Hodge of Cary, NC has threatened legal action, although a image on her website ( shows a vet (Dr Casy Hodge, presumably) declawing a cat




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