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"Please add my name to your list of pimps. I definitely deserve recognition as a pimp because I am a full fledged advocate of declawing. I recommend it to all my patients. My veterinary clinic is responsible for hacking off at least 5000 claws in the past 6 years."
- Dr. James W. Spears, Callfield Companion Animal Clinic, Wichita Falls, TX



Are you people NUTS? Should we not spay and neuter too? After all isn't that painful and done for the convenience of humans? Get a life.
- D Vercelletto



"I recently got a new kitten and will have him declawed....do you all really have nothing better to do with your time?  I pity you."



"...I have come to the conclusion that all you people should have your nuts cut out or your ovaries removed. Obviously this procedure is not painful at all, and it is perfectly natural for these animals to breed and reproduce, otherwise everyone would not be promoting it. Why should we humans try to stop it just for our convenience? Don't even try to tell me because there are unwanted dogs and cats in this country ... there are also unwanted humans in this country. I don't like you, I don't think you should reproduce, I'll have you sterilized.  As a man, I think I would rather have my fingers amputated at my wrists rather than have my nuts cut off, you people need to get a life."

"Your list, which points out people who have done absolutely nothing wrong and slanders their names, is absolutely no different from a list I could create slandering the name of every homosexual I find on the net, just because it's something I don't agree with."

-A proud vet clinic worker



"You are more than entitled to your opinion about not liking a cat to be de clawed. You go too far with the slanderous remarks and comments. The majority of pet owners and the professionals who de claw them love the animals and very rarely is there a situation where the animal is injured due to negligence (humans are also sometimes victims of malpractice or negligence). If you want to do the right thing, focus on the vets that have a history of malpractice. All this website proves is that you have some serious emotional challenges to overcome. I do hope that you find yourself in court with some of the material on this sight"

- Leah



"I am not going to go into name calling, but I would like to ask why declawing is inhumane?  I work for many of the doctors on this "Hall of Shame" and care for the cats that we declaw.  The procedure is carefully done and we use all necessarey precautions.... We care for our patients, and ultimately, it is the owner's decision for declawing, not the doctor's.  Besides, if the cat had front and back claws and was able to climb trees, how would the owner feel if his/her cat ran off and got stuck in a tree because the cat still had its claws?  What if the owner had children?  Would you support scratch marks on children?"
- Emily A. Hale



"You really need to put your energy to a more better cause. You have no right to post vet names on your site, and deserve to have legal action taken aginst you."
- Diane Iuliucci


"I had my cat declawed ... There is nothing wrong with declawing. Why don't u get a f**kin life u sicko. Did u kno it is ILLEGAL to post names and business names on the internet without their approval? i hope someone shuts you down. This site is nothing but LIES. Shame on you."
- Kimberly Chamberlain



"I came across your site, and realized why I hate tree hugging hippies like yourselves.  Don't you have something better to do than post Veterinarians who declaw cats on the web.  I guess not.  I just got my cats declawed two weeks ago.  They are fine and just as fun as ever."

- Robert Reiser



"...you are no better than all the prolifers who blow up abortion clinics....My only regret here is that I am sure no one will ever see this on your site."

- Janet Gerhardt



"This is slander!  I resent the fact that you have portrayed me and my hospital as recommending and promoting declawing when in fact we do not.  You are wrong." (Hall of Shame note: Not according to your own website where you write that declawing "is best done when the cat is 4 to 6 months of age" and you do not discuss humane alternatives.)
- Candy Olson, DVM
Owner, Greenbriar Animal Hospital



"The info you protray is so faulty as to be ludicrous. It is shameful the way you prey on cat owners feelings....That is your propaganda."



"Please remove my name from the list immediately, or there will be legal consequences. Thank you."

- Hanna Bailey, DVM



"I am emailing to request the removal of the "Cat Clinic of Cary" and the names of "Jennifer Casey Hodge" and "Triston Lamberton" listed under the state of North Carolina from your website immediately.  If not done, legal counsel will be sought."

- Jennifer L. Casey Hodge, DVM


"I would like to thank you for the honor of listing my name in your "Hall", especially in the "Pimp" section, although "Pimp" isn't necessarily a flattering term. Your behavior is typical of closet homosexuals."

- John S. Parker, DVM


"Vicious, vicious! You people are hateful & make me sick.  Go to a shrink and get a life............"



"Do any of you idiots actually OWN cats? What kind of f*cking morons are you? Sometimes the only alternative to destroying cats that continuously destroy furniture is to declaw, otherwise the other option is much worse. Give it some thought, morons..." 

- Ron Harmon


"Bleeding heart liberal fanatics, like those in your organization, WILL be the downfall of this country."


"If only there was such concern raised about the pain both physical and psychological created in both mother and child when a baby is dismembered via abortion, it might then seem more logical to me to be concerned about the discomfort of an animal."


"I am afraid I am but one of many who must make the decision "the cat, or me".  My vote is for me, because, well, I'm human, intelligent, an I pay taxes.  All of which the cat doesn't."  (Hall of Shame note: well, two out of three...)


"If you want to talk cruelty to animals, lets bring up the subject of domesticating a wild animal, breaking it's will, and then confining it to a house.. or better yet, bringing it into an area with other people who ARE allergic to it, and making them suffer for your cruelty. Amazing how you don't like to tackle THAT issue. Hypocrites."



"You know, you so called activists fight for the dumbest things I have ever seen. Why don't you put yourselves into protecting humans instead of animals. They are a PET not a PERSON. Declawing a cat is not inhumane, if properly done. Why don't you worry more about neutering these animals to keep them from having multiple litters and starving. Better yet...put your self to better use...fight for a human cause instead of a animal who has no soul." 

- Mrs. Moore


"I'm highly allergic to cats.. My brother in anaphyllactic to cats.  If a cat broke my brothers skin with a scratch, he'd die.  Period.  End of story. If a cat breaks my skin, it's very painful, and I'm usually out of it for a few days. It's bad enough that my brother has to postpone flights all the time because someone brings a pet onboard a plane and he'd be dead by the time the plane got to the destination.  Heck, he's half-dead by the time they rush him to the emergency room cause he was just 'near' the cat. So you can see, I have little sympathy for the cat, when my life is literally on the line."













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