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James Underwood, DVM

James Underwood, DVM Dr. Underwood, of Underwood Animal Hospital in Heath, OH declawed three "pretty darn lovely" tiger cubs at the request of Terry and MarianThompson, the idiot owners of the cats.
Usually the Declaw Hall of Shame is concerned with domestic cats, but this incident was too egregiously cruel and disgusting to pass up. These Declaw Pimps came to our attention from a reader who forwarded an article to us from the September 13 issue of the Newark (Ohio) Advocate.
Here are excepts from that article:
Declawed cubs one day will grant kids' wishes
By Liza Martin, Advocate Reporter
HEATH -- Dr. James Underwood's most recent cat declawing procedure was a little out of the ordinary. Actually, it was downright wild. The veteran veterinarian declawed three Siberian tiger cubs Monday at his Underwood Animal Hospital in Heath, where the tigers' owners, Terry and Marian Thompson, of Zanesville, take their tigers, lions and leopards for care.
"(Declawing) is pretty much the same for a large cat as for a regular feline," Underwood said.
"They're pretty darn lovey," Underwood said while cradling one of the 2-month old cubs.
Thompson said he owns 21 tigers, including seven that have been born in the past year. "They're a passion of mine, and I like the animals," he said.
Thompson said the three tigers were declawed Monday so they could be handled by children who have their wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. He has sent two other declawed tigers to an Akron hospital in the past three months to be part of the wishgranting.
This story fails to address the following:
1. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) opposes declawing of tigers and other wild and exotic cats because of its crippling effects, and a recent ruling of the USDA makes declawing illegal under the Animal Welfare Act.
2. Dr. Underwood does not adhere to the animal welfare guidelines of the AVMA and may have participated in an illegal act.
3. Wild animals should not be held in captivity, and certainly should not be bred by people like the Thompsons whose qualifications consist solely of the claim, "I like the animals."
4. Wild animals should not be exploited as playthings, even for the most unfortunate of children.
5. These cubs will grow up, but their claws will not grow back. Declawing will potentially cripple them for life.
6. The reporter reports this story uncritically, as if this outrageous example of animal cruelty, animal exploitation, and unethical veterinary practice is just another cute human-interest story. The Make-A-Wish Foundation (which once approved a trip for a teen-aged cancer victim to shoot and kill a Kodiak bear) has not yet responded to inquiries regarding this news story.
If the tiger cubs could Make-A-Wish, what do you suppose they would wish for?

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